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AEDs in Community

ZOLL is a strong advocate for public access defibrillation (PAD) programs that place automatic external defibrillators throughout communities. For example, our large-scale partnership with the San Diego PAD program has led to the saving of more than 115 lives in that community. In fact, San Diego Project Heart Beat wants to make AEDs as accessible as fire extinguishers throughout the community. Their logic? With more AEDs in the community, everyday citizens become part of the emergency response system, increasing the likelihood that first responders can save a life. Your group, business, or organization can easily establish a PAD program that is accessible, affordable, and saves lives.

The Life-Saving Importance of AEDs

Here are some of the reasons why more and more communities are investing in AEDs and making early defibrillation a part of their emergency response plans:

  • Defibrillation within 3-minute of sudden cardiac arrest increases the chances of survival to 70%. Shock within one minute of collapse raises the survival rate to 90%.
  • Calling 999 is necessary but the wait for first responders may take too long. The average call-to-shock time in a typical community is 9-minute.
  • OSHA now recommends AEDs in the workplace, and recent legislation may require your workplace to provide them.
  • Cities such as San Diego, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Minneapolis have partnered with ZOLL to provide life-saving AEDs to the public.

Why a Powerheart is Right for You

ZOLL designed the Powerheart® AED to make rescue as simple as possible for lay rescuers. Once the defibrillation pads are applied, the AED determines if a shock is required and administers one if it’s needed.
Our AEDs also provide:

  • Patented Rescue Ready® technology that self-checks all main AED components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily. The AED completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly.
  • RescueCoach voice prompts that guide you during a rescue situation.
  • A helpful text screen that runs in tandem with the voice prompts, especially useful for rescuers in noisy environments. The screen also provides valuable rescue information to professional rescuers when they arrive on the scene.
  • Variable escalating energy that determines the electrical impedance (resistance level) of each patient and customizes the energy level delivered. If more than one shock is necessary, our proprietary STAR® biphasic software escalates the energy to deliver therapy at an appropriate, higher level.
  • Extensive warranty is covering the Powerheart® AED, the Intellisense® lithium battery and the Intellisense® Defibrillation pads.
Find out today how your community can become heart safe.