Purchase Guide

There are various of choice of AEDs in the market, buyers should note the followings to make sure the AED is ready for rescue during an emergency situation.

Easy of Use

  • A fully-automatic AED
    • A FULLY-AUTOMATIC AED analysis and deliver shock by the AED itself without manual operation. (while for semi-automatic AED, rescuers will be responsibility to operate the shock delivery button). A fully-automatic AED is more user-friendly for layman.
  • Defibrillation pads
    • Non-polarised pads greatly simplify the rescue process for inexperienced users in stressful circumstances. The pads can be placed in either position on the chest (upper-right or lower-left), reducing confusion and saving critical time during a rescue.
  • Variable Escalating energy
    • AEDs with Variable Escalating Energy feature can analysis the patient body and adjust the shock energy. This adjustment in shock energy function delivers effective shock while minimizing the side effect to the patient.


  • International certification
    • An international certificate regulated the manufacturing protocol, quality control and etc. Some highly recognized organization like FDA require AED manufacturers to keep track record of every unit and part. In case of defect, the manufacture needs to actively arrange a recall.
  • AED self-test frequency and coverage
    • Self-test function is available on most AEDs, yet the frequent can be various. A reliable AED should perform daily self-test and the test should also cover battery and the pads.


  • Remote central management
    • Remote central management help to managing multiple AEDs in a big area. Some AEDs feature integrated wifi which share the battery of the AED itself. There are external signal transmitter that can achieve the same function while not consuming the battery of the AED.
  • Aftersales service
    • The aftersales service of AED include installation, operation introduction, parts replacement &etc. AED distributor with long track record usually has a stable relationship with the AED manufacturer which means they can have stable supply of replacing parts (like battery and pads).