14 Jul (HK01) 53years old male fainted after massage and died

Early this morning, the police received a report from a sauna employee in Tsim Sha Tsui, stating that a 53-year-old male customer had fainted. Paramedics arrived at the scene and the unconscious victim was delivered to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, it was confirmed that the victim did not survive and the cause of death is pending autopsy.

It was understood that the victim and his friend had booked separate rooms for massages at the sauna. During the massage, the masseur noticed that the victim was asleep, so they did not disturb him. However, when the friend did not see the victim leaving the room for a long time, they went to the room to check on him and found that his hands and feet were cold. They immediately reported the incident and sought assistance, but unfortunately, the victim was confirmed dead after being taken to the hospital.


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